Samstag, 17. März 2012

MWC 2012: WTF, only messy new phones???

Looking back Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2012, I was wondering if my next perfect smartphone has been launched. But what: as soon as I get interested in a new phone, it takes my not more than 5 minutes to find an annoynace or even a complete showstopper.

Hey, makers, why it is so hard to design my next phone?

The Xperia P looked quite promising on first sight. On second sight, I noticed that it has the USB-connector on the top left side. WTF?!? Hey Sony, did you realize how a car mount for this would look like. And with a 1350 mAH battery on a 1GHz dual core you probably would require charging whenever possible. But the showstopper for me: no micro-USB support, only 16 GB memory on board. Maybe in Japan, you'll always have constant 3G connections everywhere, even in subway tunnels and on the countryside. But here in Europe, we do have quite a lot of places with suboptimal network capability, so we'd better have our favorite music and movies with us.
What a shame, as the Xperia P also has my beloved camera shutter button. So what would be needed to make me buy the P?
  • Micro USB slot
  • USB connector at the bottom
  • and to make it perfect: a hardware menu key.
HTC's new One line also looked promising. Finally HTC realized, that many smartphone users demand better cameras than the crappy things HTC used in the past. But again: no Micro-SD slots. Forget it. The free extra space on Dropbox is nice, but does not help outside of 3G areas.

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