Sonntag, 21. August 2011

HTC Sensation Video & Photo Samples

I did some photo and video testing with the HTC Sensation. After HTC's camera quality already got better with the Incredible S, now this is the first HTC smartphone with a really good camera. Congratulations HTC, it has been a long way. Don't get me wrong: this camera is not very good like the one from the iPhone 4 or some high end Nokia devices. But the Sensation's camera is definitely above average and the camera won't be the reason to leave it on the shelf.

And even the video is very good.

Here is a short comparison of the displays of the Sensation, Galaxy S and iPhone 4

Using the Sensation, you will probably never complain about it's display, but in direct comparison it can not keep up with the very good display of the iPhone 4. And compared to Samsung's high contrast SuperAMOLED, it looks washed out.

Also in bright sunlight, the Sensation can not keep up with the SGS and the iPhone 4.

Though it can not keep up with the best displays on the market, the Sensation has quite a good screen. And this is the best camera in any HTC phone until now, at least on par with the Galaxy S.

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