Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2012

Samsung Galaxy S2 vs. Canon compact camera comparison

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is that good, that I did a few comparison shots with my Canon compact cameras, a Canon Powershot SX230 and a S95.

left SGS2 - right SX230

It is quite amazing, how close the SGS2 gets to the SX230. In the sky, the smaller dynamic range of the SGS2 becomes visible. And in 100% view, the SX230 shows more detail. But for a phone, this is quite a good picture quality.

left SGS2 - right SX230

Here it gets even better. You have to look very closely to see, which one is from a phone and which one is from a compact camera.

left SGS2 - right S95

Now this scene is very difficult for a compact camera and would be so even for a DSLR, so I took the S95 instead of the SX230. Of course the SGS2's photo lacks a bit of the drama which the S95 could catch quite well. But hey, this is comparing a phone's camera to one of the best compact cameras ever made. And though you probably would not print a poster from the SGS2's shot, it is quite a good picture.

In general, the SGS2 offers a very good camera replacement for all the situations, where you have just your phone with you.

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Pedro hat gesagt…

Thank You for these comparisons. I never thought that a cell phone would have such good image. Anyway the SX230 has more zoom. I prefer a dedicated camera anyday.