Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

Microsoft and Nokia: tying the Titanic to the iceberg

A few years ago, I told Palm to drop their own OS and build Android phones instead. They thought they know better and developed Web OS, failed where bought by hp and we will probably will see Web OS on hp's printer display [update]OK, they just launched some cool devices. But I doubt, that they will attract enough developers to make this a usefull platform. Even Microsofts chances are better with their Xbox base[update].
Now Nokia is about to announce a partnership with Microsoft next week [update]Now they did, see NokiaConversations[update]. They will probably announce Nokia smartphones running Windows Phone. Wow, a hardware producer who struggles to sell his devices because the potential customers dislike their outdated OS might switch to the only OS that customers dislike even more: Windows phone is a flop. This reminds me of a saying: It's like tying the Titanic to the iceberg. It'd keep you from sinking just long enough to freeze to death.
Let us look, what are the smartphone operating systems of choice: according to latest numbers, the Android market share grew some 615%. But according to Nokia executive Anssi Vanjoki, using Android would be like the Finnish boys who peed their pants for warmth – it would provide momentary relief but there would be bigger problems down the road.
I could not disagree more. I do like the Android OS, many do, but there is the disaster that no really good hardware is available. Look at all this Asian rubbish: low build quality, crappy cameras, missing camera buttons, if they offer hardware keyboards than the mechanics are mostly jokes. They are exactly bad where Nokia is good at. The N8 is a great piece of hardware: a solid body, great battery life, the best camera of all smartphones and a great display which is only limited by the screen resolutions supported by Symbian OS. And this Symbian OS is the only problem of this great device, it is still an OS of the pre iPhone aera.
I already tried two Android phones, the Samsung Galaxy S and the HTC Desire HD, which are said to be the highend Android devices, and returned them because they could not match the standards I am used to after years of using Nokia and Apple phones. So what I want to say is that

if Nokia would build an N8 running Android, I would buy it immediately!!!

But they won't listen and maybe in 2 years when Lexmark bought them and use Symbian as printer OS, I will start a new Blog posting starting with 'some years ago I told Nokia to use Android, but they won't listen and now ...'

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