Freitag, 9. April 2010

iPhone vs 5800 Update: RSS and ReadItLater

My RSS newsreader 'Reeder' is one of my busiest iPhone apps. This is how a perfect mobile newsreader should look like. When browsing the news, sometimes I stumble over longer articles which I would like to read with more time and display space when I am back home. This is what ReadItLater is for. From my browser or newsreader, I can mark the URL's and read them later.
This works good on the iPhone. Reeder can mark news for ReadItLater. And ReadItLater offers a great iPhone app to sync my reading list. If I like to, I can sync large articles with images when I am at home via WLAN. And I can read them on the road, even without any network connection. This works perfect for me, 5 points.

Looking at the 5800, things look different. I could not find any S60 newsreaders which a comparable to Reeder (or eg. NetNewsWire) on the iPhone. And none of them offer any integration with ReadItLater (or the comparable Instapaper). When looking for an ReadItLater S60 app, they point to their website, which will run on the 5800's browser. So one could copy an URL from the newsreader of his choice and put it on the reading list via the web interface. This is clumbsy but at least it works, so one point for that. Gravity, one of the only S60 apps that matches the iPhone apps in design and quality adds a second point for allowing to put URL's from Tweets into the reading list.

So my points for RSS and ReadItLater integration:

iPhone: 5, 5800: 2


iPhone: 106, 5800: 96

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