Montag, 15. März 2010

Ovi Thunderbird Plugin: This is lame!

I have just finished my Blog post about Nokia's Ovi development is too slow. Then I installed latest Ovi Suite to try out Sync with Thunderbird address book. Trying to sync just gave me an error, but at the last startup I got the reason (see screenshot above). I am running the actual Thunderbird version 3.0.3, but Nokia's Add-on seems to be made for some other versino. Hey Nokia, this is lame! Mozilla users are typically on the latest version, using the built in auto update. And minor updates don't necessarily have to break every plugin. See my Lightning plugin. I have this running for weeks, if not months, through all Tunderbird releases from 3.0.0 to 3.0.3. But Nokia failed, but hey, maybe in six months or so they will have an Add-on for Thunderbird 3.0.3. When everyone moved to 3.1.

I don't want to become a Nokia basher. I would love to see Nokia getting up to speed and fix those annoyances. As I wrote earlier: get some more developers and then just do it, Nokia.

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