Donnerstag, 15. Mai 2008

This is a BLOG about all these toys I love to play, and sometimes work, with. These are gadgets like Smartphones and PDA's, GPS navigation, computers (mostly Mac's), video consoles and what else I found for digital home entertainment. Working in the enterprise software industry, in my freetime I figure out what the funny aspects of tech are. But as I heavily rely on some of these techniques for my work, eg. Smartphones for self management and GPS navigation for business trips, these aspects sometimes get mixed up. Also I do my own way of GTD or ZTD like self management, so I will sometimes drop an article about that.

Language disclaimer: This is my first BLOG in English, trying to reach a broader audience then with the predecessor 'Arnes Tüddelkram'. So please be kind if you will find some wierd English here, just drop me a note.

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